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Word on the Street

First of all, welcome! You found my tiny online home base where I get to show you all the fun things we've created and you can come follow along as we tell stories through images.

I'm Kelsey, the face behind Dirt Road Photography located just south of Lincoln, Nebraska in a small rural farming based community. I love capturing moments of love and laughter that we often quickly forget without pictures and tangible products to look at from our senior and family photo sessions! I would absolutely love the opportunity to work with you!

I know we get busy and we often miss posts on social media. My goal is to connect beyond social media and give you content that enhances your overall experience with your photo sesh. We love sending emails that know will hit your inbox directly, and filling it with good content is our most important task at hand!

Photographer | Taco Lover | Dolly Parton Obsessed | Starbs Nerd

Meet Kelsey