I have been doing photography as a full time business for almost ten years with several prior years of experience. I feel so spoiled to do what I love and enjoy meeting new clients! High school seniors have a very special place in my heart and getting to connect with them is such a joy. I feel honored to share your special memories with you and typically like to keep my sessions simple. If you like what you see on our website, you’re going to LOVE your session even more.

"I love photography more than you could possibly understand."

I would absolutely enjoy the opportunity to work with you! I specialize in high school senior photography and family portraits. I love capturing moments of love and laughter that we often quickly forget without pictures and tangible products to look at. 

I'm Kelsey Homolka

pictures are meant to be printed

We need to be intentional about printing our memories into tangible products for our families to inherit and cherish. You precious memories are meant for so much more than the cloud or that usb forgotten in the back of a drawer.

I believe that...

I'm from Wilber, Nebraska (Czech Capitol of the USA woot!) and literally have moved a solid six miles from home. Ever. That’s right, I’ve moved six whole miles and that’s it from the home I grew up in. Which is great for me, it means I get to visit my parents all the time! Family is always my number one priority and I'm so grateful to be close to them at all times.

I’m a semi-retired runner (4 half marathons under my shoes as well as a couple 10k's and numerous 5k’s), a team mates mentor, an active community member who volunteers with various Czech events, and a full time book reader who gets lost in many authors special words. (Team AudioBooks for the win while editing your beautiful images!) I'm obsessed with Dolly Parton and can binge a good Netflix series in my free time. My clients say I'm gifted at making them laugh, so let's just say it's because I'm funny not because I'm clumsy... Oh and the sass, so much sass in my tiny 5'2" frame!

"I like staying busy, it keeps me alive and moving."

check out kelsey's favorite things


a.  Dolly Parton
b.  fruit snacks
c.  books/podcasts
d.  all of the above

7. i'm obsessed with:

a. Christmas
b. July 4th
c. Halloween
d. Valentine's Day

6. my favorite Holiday: 

5. my favorite song for Karaoke:

a. Friends
b. Glee
c. Grey's Anatomy
d. Stranger Things

4. my favorite tv show:

3. i cannot live without:

a.  road tripping across Alaska
b.  touring six countries in Europe
c.  snorkeling in St. Lucia
d.  all of the above

2. all-time favorite travel memory:

a.  bingeing Netflix
b.  watching sunsets on the porch
c.  reading historical fiction books
d.  baking cookies

1. in my free time, you'll find me:


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any man of mine

cold brew with sweet cream cold foam

a. 42 books
b. 30 books
c. 17 books
d. 6 books

9. last year i read:

I grew up on a farm, both sets of my grandparents were farmers, my dad was a farmer and I went to college to receive an Agricultural Degree focusing on crops. In high school I was an active member of the FFA and participated in tons of 4H activities. I was the typical farm kid and my first vehicle was a truck that I begged for. I’ve always embraced the farm life and everything surrounding it.

My family farm is surrounded by beautiful dirt roads so I spent a lot of time on them. From shooting sessions to going out for a run, that dirt road has given me many amazing memories. I absolutely love sharing this dirt road with all of my clients. Just like myself, I know this dirt road can give all of my clients so many beautiful memories to hang on their walls or share in photo albums with their family and friends.

The meaning behind the name

The dirt Road