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We’re wrapping up 2021 and we love creating our “best of” lists! It’s a fun way to highlight the best of our favorite Amazon products from 2021 and find a few items you might have otherwise missed! We’re all are suckers for gadgets and good deals. Hopefully you will find something along the way from Amazon that you can enjoy! If you want to see all of our Amazon favorites check out our Amazon Ideas Lists.

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Wireless TV Headphones

These. Are. Game. Changers. Like seriously, I cannot stand loud tv. There’s just something about a tv cranked up to 30+ volume in the evenings that makes me get anxiety. I watch tv to unwind and relax, but when the volume is loud, I can’t chill. So, these plug into your tv and you can watch them at a louder volume while the actual tv volume can be turned down. Trust me, if you have a house filled with people who can’t stand loud tv but that one person “can’t hear” you need these headphones from Amazon! Check out the Wireless TV Headphones on Amazon here.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Line

I’ve been obsessed with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line for awhile now. But I found sooo many great things from them in 2021. Most were purchased from Amazon but once in awhile you luck out and find some at Costco that are discounted decently. My top favs include the original Hydro Boost Moisturizing watergel, Hydro Boost exfoliating cleaner, and body gel cream.

Shower Curtain Rings

I got these and they changed my closet! I have a lot of jeans, and I honestly just tossed them folded up in piles on a shelf. They took up room, I couldn’t figure out which paid was which. So, I saw someone shared that they hung their jeans and I didn’t waste any time ordering these hooks!! I now have all my jeans sorted by wash and then the ones that don’t fit or I rarely wear go back behind on the shelf while the rest are hung! Here’s the link to Amazon for the Shower Curtain Rings I ordered, they do come in several colors.

Milk Frother

I have the Keurig Milk Frother that goes with my Keurig duo but, I found it wasn’t enough for me. I found these handheld frathers work equally as great (if not better) and I use it three times as much. I do everything from spice mixes when I’m making a roast to mixing my protein and energy drink powders. It really is one of my fav gadgets that gets used the most. Get the Milk Frother on Amazon here.

Mighty Patch Original

These suckers have saved me forever. I found them from one of those Instagram ads and now I couldn’t imagine life without them! They’re gross but so useful. I’ve had/loved these and they come in super handy with hormonal acne. I just pop them on after I clean my face in the evenings and sleep in them, the next morning your skin is clear. They’re literally magic! Get them on Amazon here, Mighty Patch Acne Patches.

Govee Smart Plug

Smart Plugs are so useful around the house for things you want to turn off or on at specific times! I have found uses everywhere for them. One really helpful location was for our Christmas tree! I could go into my Google Home app and schedule it to turn on or off when I wanted it to. I loved that I could be away from home and have it go on.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

I think that these are so boujee but they’re so good! I got them thinking I’d gift them, and that quickly changed to “keeping them” instead. #SorryNotSorry The smell is so fantastic and from someone who loves baths but doesn’t have the time to always take them, these give me that luxe feeling. They do have other gift packs and sizes/varieties but this is the one I originally bought and re-purchased for myself. Buy the Shower Steamers here.

Spark Energy Drink Mix

It wouldn’t be a full “best of Amazon” list without something related to drinks! I’m not a huge follower of Advocare but I do enjoy their Spark drink mix. I typically reach for the Strawberry Mango flavor but I do enjoy all of them. I don’t reach for it daily but I do grab it if I’m tired or want to go workout. Buy Spark on Amazon here.

PlanAhead Planner

The last item I ordered in 2021 was my planner for 2022! I have used this exact planner for years, and truthfully have no intention to find something different. I love the layout and how easy it is to jot down my daily to do lists. My favorite part is the full monthly view. I use that part the most to schedule out media content as well as create sales and help plan my quarterly business goals. Get your planner on Amazon here.

Fitbit Versa 3

I have loved smart watches for years and I’ve tried all the brands. Ultimately I settled on fitbit and this is the third one I’ve bought from them. I love the app that it syncs too and the real reason I wanted a smart watch was to get notifications during sessions. I really didn’t need all the extra bells and whistles but it has come in handy often. I put this on the list because I wanted to include one gadget that is fun for both just your personal life but also can be used within your business.

So there’s my list. I have personally purchased each and every one of these items and can truly say, they’re the best of the best from Amazon! I cannot wait to create the next round of “best of” lists from 2021! What are some of your favorite items you’ve found on Amazon?

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