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Getting ready for your next family session and need some tips to prepare for it? We've got you covered! We've got a three page guide packed with helpful hints including what to wear, where to shop and more!

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2021 will be my 8th year as a full time photographer, which means I have spent A LOT of time behind a camera through the years. My absolute favorite part of having my business for so long is getting to watch families grow and evolve. So, let’s celebrate 2020 and look into 2021! We’ve got a ton of fun things to highlight! Take a peek below!

2020 DRP Yearly Review

Books for Photographers | Nebraska Family Photographer

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These books have been GAME CHANGERS for me in both my business and personal life. They focus on anything from time management to team building to marketing and empowerment. There are so many good ones out there, but these are some of the top ones I would recommend for any studio owner today! To order these books check out our link for Amazon Books.

We’ve curated a list of ideas to help kick start some motivation to get things organized and ready to display in your home! A lot of these things we’re currently already using in my own life and quite often get asked how we do it, so I figured I’d pass on these tips to you guys.

Getting Started Organizing All Your Personal Family Photos

Photography Tax Write Off’s You Might Be Forgetting :: Nebraska Family Photographer

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photography tax write off's you might be forgetting

Photography Tax Write Off’s You Might Be Forgetting :: Lincoln, Nebraska :: Southeast Nebraska Family Photographer

You finished up your photography session and purchase pretty framed prints or maybe some canvases and now that you’ve got them home you’re stumped how to display them. Take some time to check out these creative options to give you some inspiration on where to place those photos on your wall! We added some fun farmhouse style contemporary ways to display your photos as well as links to purchase the items to get you started.

Unique Ways To Display Your Photos In Your Home :: Nebraska Family Photographer

Paper Planner Calendar – Keeping Photographers Organized All Year Long!

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Paper Planner Calendar – Keeping Photographers Organized All Year Long! As a photographer, we wear many hats and keeping track of them all is extremely important to stay on track! If you’re anything like me, you’ll forget things if they’re not written down. The past few years I’ve always relied on my client workflow lists […]

We’re on a mission to help photographers get organized and one of the most important things in a business is to know your numbers, have a tracking system to keep clients invoices organized and a place to enter business expenses and sales tax information. check out our review on quickbooks for photographers!

Quickbooks for Photographers Review

Shootproof – Gallery Hosting, Contracts and Invoicing

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Quite a few years ago when I was starting to step up my business game I started researching gallery hosting for clients. I needed a system that I could upload their images that would allow them to share with friends and also download their images if needed. I took my time to compare quite a few of the common ones but, eventually, I settled into Shootproof.

I’ve always done a decent job at budgeting for my business and I typically set limits on the amount I spend per year on specific “areas” in my business but this year I decided to take full financial responsibility of my business and really focus on profiting more and running it smoother.

Photography Business Budgeting | Nebraska Photographer

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