Let’s do a fun year in review! It’s incredible to think that we’re closing up the year 2021 already!? It feels like just last week we were getting outside to enjoy so fresh warm spring air! I know I say it every year, but this year drifted by so quickly. It makes the years feel so much shorter, and I have learned to appreciate how quickly time goes by when I take time to soak up every minute of memory making. Let’s take a second to show gratitude for all the blessings we found in 2021.

Year In Review | Best of 2021 | Seniors + Families

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2021 will be my 8th year as a full time photographer, which means I have spent A LOT of time behind a camera through the years. My absolute favorite part of having my business for so long is getting to watch families grow and evolve. So, let’s celebrate 2020 and look into 2021! We’ve got a ton of fun things to highlight! Take a peek below!

2020 DRP Yearly Review

Business, Tips & Tricks, Yearly Review

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