Benefits of Meeting with Your Photographer

benefits of meeting your photographer after your pictures

Benefits of Meeting with Your Photographer After Your Session

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While having them delivered to you on a flash drive or via downloadable email from your photo gallery seems like the easiest way to get your hands on images from your photo sesh, this isn’t always the best way. If you truly want to make the most of your images, meeting with your photographer after your session is recommended. Your photographer puts a lot of time and effort into your session as well as the editing of your photos. A true professional won’t just abandon you as a client once the shoot is done.

That’s why, here at Dirt Road Photography we consider ourselves a full service photographer!! Unless you book a mini session, all regular portrait sessions are required to do an in person photo session consolation after your sesh. What that means is we meet up, sit down and view your images in a slideshow, then cull/sort your images to show you your top favs which makes the decision making on what to order less overwhelming once you know your top favs.

We’ve chosen to go this route because after years of hearing clients say they never do anything with their usb’s we’ve discovered the true reason we started a photography business. We want to see YOUR pretty pictures you’ve invested in on your walls and in your homes!!

If you’re wondering why it’s important to meet with your photographer after your session, this is what you need to know.

1. A post-session meeting completes your photography experience. Having your photos taken is a personal experience, so why shouldn’t the entire process be personal too? Photographers prefer to take you through your photos so that they can assist you from start to finish and share in your joy.

2. Your photographer will assist you with the photo selection process. For some people, receiving a disc or flash drive filled with photos can be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to selecting the best photos to print. Meeting with your photographer after your session allows them to give you their professional opinion on the best photos to print and what your printing options are.

3. Your photographer will be the perfect guide on where to place your photos. If you choose to meet with your photographer post-session, you may want to opt to meet them at your home as well. This way they can walk through your home with you and guide you on the best places to display your portraits.

4. Meeting with your photographer will help SAVE you money. Contrary to what you think, your photographer isn’t out to try to convince you to spend a ton of money on prints and extras. We want to help guide you to choose what products/prints will further your budget and help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to not over printing items you might not need or use!

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