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Kylie | Crete High School | Nebraska Senior Photographer


My favorite thing about senior sessions is getting to know my seniors. When you live in Nebraska, you can almost bet by talking to someone you have something in common or know some who knows the same person as you. It’s my favorite part of my job! And when I meet seniors from Crete, Nebraska I know we’ll have a TON in common with each other!

Kylie was a senior at Crete High School here in southeast Nebraska. She was also a senior rep for us and we are so thankful she was a part of our crew. We loved seeing her all throughout the past year! Kylie was active in spots so we incorporated in softball and track in her session. In the planning process she told me she wanted to schedule in the fall and have tall grass, barn’s and nature involved so we started with that and built her session around those things. For most, I recommend choosing location first. Then once we’ve got a location finalized we can work on outfits as well as other things like props and posing.

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