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Ways To Elevate Your Senior Portrait Session | Tips & Prep for Your Senior Photos | Nebraska High School Senior Photographer | What To Wear For Senior Pictures

I know we’re still a ways awhile from shooting senior sessions but believe it or not, NOW is the best time to start planning! It’s so much fun to choose outfits and with summer just around the corner now’s the time to start investing in outfits that you can wear both for your senior portrait session but also for all those fun summer concerts and festivals! I’ve curated a list of easy and simple tips to help you stand out for your senior pictures which will give you plenty of time to start prepping!

Not needing beauty tips? No problem! We’re creating a few different lists so keep an eye out for clothing and accessories editions! Also, when we book your senior session, we do sit down beforehand and plan your wardrobe as well as style you up with locations so don’t fuss over that. Here are just a few extra tips to help you look gorgeous the day of your sesh.

Top Senior Session Beauty Tips

SELF TANNER: We all love a glow and just one shade darker you’ll look and feel more confident for you pictures, we promise! But, the tanning beds aren’t good for you or you don’t want wonky tan lines for your pictures, so we suggest using self tanner! Our favorite is Loving Tan 2hr Express (Dark) or Loving Tan (Ultra Dark). Speaking from experience, I’m super pale and use Loving Tan Ulta Dark all the time without looking streaky or fake. I love the brand Loving Tan because it has a great olive undertone so you don’t get left looking orange! Just practice applying a few weeks before your session to ensure you get the hang out it. The biggest tips are to use a tanning mitt and exfoliate in the shower before you apply. For your face, try tanning drops, Isle of Paradise and just mix them in with your moisturizer after your shower. We also love the Ulta Self Tanning Mousse if you’re in a pinch, the color just doesn’t seem to last as long as Loving Tan! Please make sure if you’re wanting to apply self tanner for your session you practice ahead of time! Looking orange is worse than sticking with your natural lighter skin tone!

FAKE EYELASHES: I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of photos with girls in fake lashes and you can tell how much it makes their eyes pop. We love highlighting those eyes and this simple trick can really make your eyes look even bigger! We love the Ardell Natural or Ardell Wispies if you’re looking for specific lashes and aren’t sure which ones you like. We recommend applying your eye make-up first, then using clear lash glue. Make sure you cut the lashes to fit your length of your natural lashes! Make sure to practice, it’s takes a few times before you nail it perfectly.

LIGHT BRONZER: Alright, we tossed on the self tanner, we’re feeling confident and now we want to our face looking bronzed. Yes. But don’t go overboard! Remember, we’re trying to simply enhance your beauty, not cover it all up and change who you are completely! So, try a lighter bronze/contour route. We’d recommend not getting a bronzer with highlighter in it. A current favorite (that I even use personally) is the Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula. It gives you that glow without going overboard. And it smells so yummy!!

SIMPLE HIGHLIGHTER!! We’re building our face up, and this is where we can make a sharp right turn and everything goes south! Remember the less is more concept and when you think you need to apply more, put the brush down! If you wear too much it’ll be unflattering in your photos because the light will pick it up and cause a glare. We’d recommend instead of an extreme highlighter (holographics) go for a more refined shimmer product. Right now we’re digging the Milani Stellar Glow palette for an affordable option or the Hourglass Ambient Lighting looks gorgeous as well. Basically, give a few different formulas a try and go out in natural sunlight to see what it looks like to ensure you’re not blinded and highlighting too much to distract from your natural features! Apply a blended stripe above your cheeks, the bridge and tip of your nose, and your cupid’s bow.

NATURAL/NUDE TONED LIPS: We all love the pop of color lips right? But, remember, this is a trend! It will eventually fade, don’t fall into the trap of following a trend and then looking back and regretting that crazy color! Try something a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. An easy one that can match everyone is Elf Liquid Matte (Tea Rose) or Elf Moisturizing Lipstick (Ravishing Rose). We suggest a nude toned lip, let’s leave the outfits to be the “popping” feature of your session! 😉

STYLED HAIR: We all love looking our best, and most of us feel most glamorous with our hair in lose curls and down. While this absolutely looks beautiful and gives us something we can use to “play” with during our session consider switching it up and going with something a little different for your senior sesh. Perhaps you can practice getting quick at putting in a braid, or rocking a half pony with a bun. That would be an easy way to mix up your looks during your pictures and will add a different look to your photos with minimal effort! Just remember, the more time spent primping during the sesh, the less time we have to shoot so either practice and get quick at the style or have your mom or friend there to help you. Don’t forget to get a fresh trim a week before your session! It truly does make a big difference!

PAINT YOUR NAILS: You might not be a girl who normally has your nails painted, and if that’s you, then don’t change who you are just for your session just make sure you clean up your cuticles. But, if you’re planning on coming with your nails painted, make sure they’re not chipped up! We love a nude color but get creative if you want to add a pop of color! We’ve been loving the Essie Mixtaupe or Essie Truth or Bare.

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