graduation invites

Hand off that stress process to us!

It's towards the end of your senior year and it’s officially time to start thinking about graduation announcements and invites as well as thank you cards!! We're beyond excited to start promoting our grad invites collections! It's never too early to start thinking ahead and checking things off your list! Check out the massive collection of templates we have available for you to select from. We’ll make it easy on you this year!


choose your template

Take a peek at our gallery filled with over 250+ templates. There's a design that fits everyone's families personalities! 

As a reminder, these are GUIDES and not necessarily final products. We can easily change up colors, layout, fonts and other things. If you want to add more images, that's easily possible. If you don't love the colors but like the designs, most of them can be changed up to fit better with your images. Want to make them even more customized?

View Template Designs


customize your cards

Next it's time to choose your images to fit your card. If you held your session with us, go into your gallery and write down the file numbers shown. If you didn't hold a session with us, that's totally ok! Just send us your images in an email. 

Price break starts at 100 cards, contact for more info.

cards are $40 per set of 25 cards


email your design choices

Once you're got your template chosen and your images picked bundle it all up and send us an email with all the details! Please be aware and make sure you're uploading all wording correctly. (Spelling is crucial people!)

Use The Form Below!

customize your cards

Please complete the following form to start processing your holiday cards. 

addtional notes including overall card formatting, more descriptions for photo placements within card front/back, specific wording and names needed.
wording/descriptions as needed on cards
photos file numbers
template style file number
shipping address, city, state, zip code
Full Name

Thank you!

Your card design has been sent. We'll contact you shortly with an inital proof of your design as well as if we have any questions.


approve + Pay

After you've emailed us your info we'll get to work creating a proof for you to view and approve. Once you've approved the proof we'll send a finalized invoice for you to pay then get your cards ordered. Now you can sit back and relax and wait for your customized holiday cards to arrive without having to worry about anything except the perfect gift for Grandma!

Find more friends!! Just kidding... kinda. Unfortunately no, our print lab requires a minimum print order of 25 cards so you can choose to hand out the extras or hold a few back and toss them in your memory box.


Absolutely! I make sure your cards are a packaged deal, you get envelopes and cards for the flat fees listed above.


Short answer, super fast. We guarantee five day turnaround but typically we have overnight shipping and can get them to you as quick as two days. *This is after the approval of proofs/payments process.

03. Ack! I totally spaced ordering cards, how fast can i get them delivered?

This is tricky, but I promise they're all in there! I get this one a lot, your file numbers can be found by clicking on the image and it should be located at the top in the middle. Make sure you've selected just the one image to see it!

02. I CAN'T FIND MY FILE NUMBERS IN MY GALLERY, are you sure they're there?

That's ok! We don't care if you love someone else (ok, maybe a little, but hey, everyone's style is different!) Just send us your images or a link to your gallery so we can download the images you want to use and we can easily create some cute cards for ya!

01. WHAT IF WE DIDN'T GET OUR PICTURES TAKEN WITH DRP can we still get cards made?

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