Photo Gifts for Christmas That Are Personalized for Family Members

Struggling on making photo gifts for Christmas? Get them something unique this year! We all know someone who has everything and is impossible to shop for! That’s why we’ve found some awesome gifts to give this holiday season that are customized with your own photos. This is the perfect Christmas gift for your family (or even for your own memories) that they’ll cherish these keepsakes forever!

Looking for some last minute Christmas gifts?! These are all fantastic options for you if you couldn’t find anything or need something digital to gift to friends of family members! These options are even perfect for the week of Christmas when you forgot to snag something or need a last minute deal.

StoryWorth | Customized Photo Books for Christmas Gifts to Parents & Grandparents

Preserve meaningful moments and memories in a beautiful keepsake book. Then, share the experience with loved ones and discover stories you never knew. How it works; Once a week, choose a question to inspire them to write. They’ll simply reply with an email, which is shared with you. At the end of a year, their stories are bound into a beautiful keepsake book. It’s that simple!

This one I purchase for my own parents this year! We’re in the middle of the question answering process and have yet to print the book but I’m confident the books will turn out amazing! I love that I can choose the questions and it’s been fun watching the responses roll in. The bonus, you can add in all their childhood pictures that align with the stories to give this an extremely customized look and story about their lives!

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Chatbook Photo Books | Great for New Mom’s & Long Distance Grandparents for Christmas Gifts

Chatbooks is a photo bookprinting service that takes photos from your phone and creates tangible books to hold and enjoy your mobile photos. Chatbooks has multiple options including monthly books, monthly mini’s, classic photo books, canvas wall tiles and even Instagram series books.

I’ve been connected and using Chatbooks myself for over ten years!! This would be an awesome gift for a new mom or grandparents that don’t live close. You can connect an make a series of books to your social media accounts or just manually choose what images go into books and once they hit 30 pages they auto print. My Instagram series has ten books in it but I changed up how I order books and now do an annual yearbook with all our family photos so I no longer use this exact series.

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LegacyBox | Convert Old VHS Tapes & Scan Old Photos for Holiday Presents

Legacybox is the easiest and safest way to digitize your old media. It’s like magic. And it’s the most important thing you can do for your family. It’s as easy as; Fill your box, the digitize your memories, and you get your files back as well as your original media. Your Legacybox includes custom barcodes that you’ll place on each item, ensuring their safety as they are digitized. Legacybox digitizes every item by hand, with personalized updates provided at each step of the digitizing process. Receive your digitized files back on the cloud, thumb drive, or DVD, plus they ship back your originals.

This is another brand I’ve used for a few years and stand by their excellent quality and overall customer experience! I’ve been slowly converting all of my old vcr tapes into digital media and through the years, I’ve never had any issues with LegacyBox. These make great Christmas gifts as a surprise to unwrap then sit down as a family to watch the old tapes together! Every time I mail in another set of vhs tapes I have so much anticipation to get them back. I typically have them just mail the usb but lately I’ve chosen the digital download option and then just upload them to that same usb that I have. I need to go in and work on organizing all the little clips of film, that’s on my to-do list for 2023.

*They are now offering a really cool new service called Photo LegacyBox! I’m currently ordering my own box so I can create digital photo albums of my childhood. I couldn’t be more excited to share the results when I get done.

MPix | Printed Photo Books from Family Christmas Memories

The last option is something that is a little more time consuming. But again, I have loved their company and this is what I recommend to all of my photography clients. I’ve ordered simple books several times from them and they’ve never disappointed me.

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