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Tips to Posing for Your Family Photos

You’ve booked your session. Paid the deposit. Searched high and low for the perfect coordinating outfits. Gotten haircuts taken care of for the whole family. CONGRATS! That’s a success all on it’s own. But now what?!

The key to taking genuine and authentic family photos is knowing how to pose in front of the camera. Ok, don’t stress out! If you’ve never taken professional family photos before or if you simply want to improve on your last session, here is some advice on how to pose that will leave you with exceptional images.

Get Close

The last thing you want is a family portrait that looks stiff and awkward. (You know, the ones where they look like they just met and settled in for a quick shot of strangers at the same park) The secret to creating a beautiful, intimate family photo is to get close. Snuggle up with the people you love if you want the best photos, don’t be scared to love on your babies or hubs. If there are people of varying heights in the photo, take a few photos on the same level so that you can get your heads close together too. Your photographer should help with initial placement so don’t worry too much but don’t be scared to speak up if you have some ideas in mind.

Have Fun

Your photos always look more authentic when your family is genuinely having fun and laughing. Spend time talking about your favorite vacation or a memory that makes you all laugh out loud. Tell the kids jokes, or maybe make farting noises (trust us, those ALWAYS go over well for real smiles!) These candid moments always make for the best photos, and more than likely, they’ll be the ones you want to print and hang in your house.

Keep it Natural

When you overthink posing, it takes away from the genuineness of your photos, which is why it helps to shoot your family photos in a setting where you’re all comfortable and where you can go about your lives as naturally as possible. For example, if you’re in an outdoor setting, take your little one for a walk. Again, your photographer will help with prompts for this one 😉

Use Your Surroundings

Very often, standing upright in the middle of a room or garden will make your photos look and feel stiff. Use your surroundings to make yourselves more comfortable. For example, if there’s a wall in the vicinity, lean up against it. If there’s a couch available, pose on that for a few shots. Change it up, sitting, standing, leaning, kneeling, there’s so many ways to change up the look quickly with a few different posed and candid changes.

Make Use of Props

If you would like to change things up a bit or give a younger child something to do, you can also always incorporate a few basic props into your photos to get a few non-standard shots. We love to include sticks and grass. Tickling each other is always a great way to get giggles and turning grass into a throwing contest almost always strikes up a trivial game.

If you still have questions about your shoot and how to make the most of it, let us know and we will be happy to assist you with additional tips. Just remember, don’t stress about it. We’ve been doing photography for years, we’re here to make you feel comfortable and will bring out all the stops to help you relax and just enjoy the whole experience!

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