Family Pictures Prep Checklist // Nebraska Family Photographer

You’ve got your family session coming up and we want to make sure you’re set up for success! We’re so excited to meet your kids and play some games while capturing your family portraits. We’ve created a quick session prep checklist for you to quickly go through with simple tips to get you ready for the exciting family pictures you’ve anxiously awaited for.

family pictures session prep checklist, nebraska family portrait photographer
  • Get haircut/color done for everyone
  • Wax eyebrows if preferred to ensure time for redness to go away
  • Narrow down your outfits (refer back to the style guide for more tips in the “files” section)
  • Pack a bag of snacks and other items you think you might need

Want to take it a step further? Make a prep kit! We’ve created an AMAZON SESSION PREP KIT filled of items if you want to create a kit of things to bring to your sesh, we of course have a lot of these already in our own kit so it’s not necessary but sometimes we have parents that like coming prepared 😉

family pictures session prep checklist, nebraska family portrait photographer
  • Drink lots of water to help make skin look glowing!
  • Outfits & accessories chosen placed together (we love using a laundry basket to keep track of everything!)
  • Undergarments for outfits chosen (no visible bra straps, etc)
  • Iron/Steam outfits
  • Props chosen and put together so you don’t forget to bring them (and communicated to photographer if bringing props)
  • Clean/Trim/Paint Nails
  • Glasses (remove lenses or practice putting on those contacts to ensure we don’t get lens’ glare)
  • More important: Get lots of sleep
  • Start the day with coffee, future self will thank current self for that one 😉
  • Make sure kids are fed snacks and have had a NAP that day. Trust me. It’s a huge deal and it helps tremendously!
  • Don’t give food/drinks that will stain your mouth
  • Give yourself lots of prep time so you don’t feel rushed
  • Shave (guys face; girls legs, underarms)
  • Eat before session, even just a snack
  • Make sure to check in ahead of time if the weather looks like it might be cloudy or stormy
  • Show up on time or be there a little earlier to ensure we can maximize our time together
  • If anyone is feeling ill, please make us aware and plan a reschedule. There’s no fee to reschedule to a new date in case of illness. We’d rather all stay healthy than spread germs, the world is scary right now.
  • Relax and rest up for the evening, we’re gonna have so much fun!!

We wish you the best of luck for your big day! Hopefully our family session prep checklist will set you up for success. We cannot wait to see you shine like the star you are! Haven’t booked your family portrait session yet but wanting to? Shoot us a message! We’d love to squeeze you in!

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