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Eek! Atalie it one and ready to celebrate!! Sweet baby girl, it feels like just yesterday we were anxiously trying find flower fields to go take your mama’s maternity pictures and now here you are, a year later happy and ready to clap and dance your way through your first birthday photo session!!

Sweet Atalie you are more precious and prayed for than you’ll ever know. When mommy and daddy asked me to surprise them with the gender of you I felt so happy and giddy to be trusted with the secret to surprise them with! Once we knew you were a girl I was over the moon because I knew mommy would make you the most stylish girl in town with all things floral, lace, pink and precious. You are filled with a spunky attitude and have always given us a run for our money when it comes to picture days. I think we could consider you the sour patch kiddo, sour and grumpy if it’s not your idea, but oh so sweet when you decide to have fun while playing with us. As you can tell, your first birthday session was filled with so much sweetness!!

We shot at a farm near Wilber, Nebraska on a beautiful spring afternoon in between rainy days. The grass was just getting tall and vivid green and you got the best nap in that day mommy said. You arrived with a inquisitive look but quickly warmed up once daddy pulled you out and gave you some snacks to pep you up. We then oodled over some of the cutest outfits mommy had picked (literally clothes baskets full to choose from!) and picked a few favorites to start with. Once we set you down, you knew exactly what to do and stole the show. You stood there posing, showing off how well you can smile and giggle.

first birthday nebraska photographer

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