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I haven’t met a family quite as spunky as fun as the Fairbanks crew in quite some time! With the crew living in Fairbury, Beatrice, Lincoln and Omaha I commend them for finding a time that worked for everyone to get together and schedule an evening for pictures. I only have one sister and between our schedules plus our parents it’s quite a feat to get us together for some quick shots 😉

The Fairbanks family session was the most beautiful evening, minimal bugs, a bit windy at first (I’m blaming the girls for that one) otherwise the sun was warm and the littles were in a great mood. It’s basically what us photographers call a dream session!

The whole crew met me near Wilber and we went to one of my farm locations near the Turkey Creek river bottom ground that we farm and we hung out and captured some pretty epic pictures. We started with all the formal “pretty” pictures that mom’s and grandma’s want. I always recommend we get those out of the way in the chance we lose interest of the kiddos and smiles aren’t cool anymore. Those we absolutely flew through, everyone smiled on command and we even got a few giggles out of grandma.

Once all the formals were over, we got busy having fun. The kids were my personal golf ball hunters and we went out in search of some around the yard. We did find some in the mud and I promised once we got through more of the session we could continue to search for more because let’s be honest, that was truly the highlight of the entire session for the kids. Way more fun than giggles and tickles with your mommies.

The kiddos took a break from searching just long enough for us to squeeze in a few shots by the grain bins and then posed for some pictures by the barn again with the whole family. I love doing generation family sessions because it’s so neat to see grandparents interact with their grandkids as well as siblings and in-laws getting together to laugh and give each other lots of jokes. This family made me feel so welcomed in and I secretly thought their Christmas get-togethers were probably something I’ve been missing out on my entire life, I knew I’d totally fit in with them

We then zipped over to a gravel road right at sunset because the lighting was stunning and sunsets with gravel or dirt roads are of course my favorites!! We ran up and down that road, danced and spinned in circles. We had races, we collected rocks in our pockets, it truly is my favorite part of my sessions is just interacting and getting those little engaged and having a good time. Then, at the end of the session, after promise after promise of “last picture” we ended with a surprise gift of the kids each earning their own golf ball since we couldn’t find the others we were hunting for earlier. Their little eyes lit up and they all took off proudly with their favorite souvenir of the entire week. I love the simplicity of life as a little!!

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