Bre | Wilber-Clatonia High School | Nebraska Senior Photographer

Bre | Wilber-Clatonia High School | Nebraska Senior Photographer

“Looking beautiful begins by feelings beautiful.” – Tresors De Luxe

I’m obsessed with being a Nebraska Senior Photographer because I meet so many beautiful humans! Bre looked beautiful you guys!! And by prompting her to do a few flow posing moves, we brought out her inner beauty as well.

Ultimately, the end goal of each session, is to remind clients just how amazing and beautiful they are!!

Bre is one of our Class of 2019 senior model reps and we were so excited to welcome her out to the farm near Dorchester, Nebraska to go play and get to know her. 

Of course, I’ve known Bre since she was little (and my mom’s maiden name matches her last name so that basically makes us directly related!). She’s the sweetest, hardworking, humbled person I’ve met in awhile. She is always uplifting, always encouraging those around her and is constantly making friends and making others laugh. (cough, spitting gum by accident to make Lizzie crack up)

This was a quick impromptu shoot with a storm creeping in so we quickly did a mini session and got home before the winds hit but truly, it reminded me why I love my job when I got home to drop the images into my computer, I was in awe of just how amazing she looked and the images we captured.

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