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Ames Andelt of Crete, Nebraska

Ames is quiet, but don’t let that fool you. His personality takes a little bit to get used to but he truly has a big heart and is full of warmth. Ames is also someone I’ve watched grow up for the past 5+ years and I could totally embarrass him with pictures I took back in 2014 but I won’t! Ames is the second Andelt senior I’ve done a session for and I couldn’t tell you which is a favorite because even though his older brother Zane stole my heart with his love of all things farm for his session, Ames came rolling in quick with his passion of running and patience to teach me all about trap shooting. So for that, I think he is tied for favorite Andelt boy sesh!

Ames is attending Crete High School in Crete, Nebraska and will soon be graduating with the Class of 2020. Like I said earlier, I’ve known him and his whole boy crew family for years now and I absolutely love getting to know each boy as an individual. Like I mentioned earlier, I know his older brother Zane from pictures a few years ago and it was fun to see similar traits in the boys but I was more excited to see how Ames excels in so many different things than his brother. We also did a quick family session and I wish I could tell you how hilarious it was watching the boys interact and trying to guess who buddied up with who. Their literally all so different!

As you can see above, Ames is totally into Trap Shooting and in Nebraska, it gets pretty competitive! He shoots for the Crete Ikes Trap Team and as you’d imagine, his whole family is included in the fun! I asked “whose a better shooter” and quickly got laughed at as that’s a huuuuge debate in their household and the boys all are amazing! As you can tell, he has plenty of medals and hardware to brag about but what I loved most, was his patience to educate me on the actual competition info. I’ve shot plenty of guns in my life (I passed my handgun permit tests for the state of Nebraska actually!) but I’ve never done competition shooting so it was interesting to learn where you stand and how many shells you shoot. The entire process was interesting and I feel like I really should be attending a “competition” sometime soon. I mean, you really haven’t lived in Nebraska until you sit in the sun for eight hours watching guys and girls shoot guns right?!

At his senior session we also shot images over at Doane University campus in Crete, Nebraska. He runs cross country and this is one of the locations where they host their meets so that was special that we had the opportunity to shoot on the exact spot he runs at! Ames is quite the runner and I was all about that life myself in high school so it was fun to talk running and hear about his passion with a sport that requires so much personal strength and motivation.

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