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Take a look at Owen's baseball senior pictures. He's a local Nebraska senior who took his senior portraits on the ball field. Baseball senior pictures on a ball field at sunset.

For Owen Smith, a senior from Wilber-Clatonia High School here in Nebraska, the baseball field is more than just dirt and grass; it’s a part of his dedication and passion of his childhood, a story we got to capture within his senior pictures.

I’ve had the joy of watching Owen play baseball for a few years now. Its just so fun seeing him love the sport so much and I love how encouraging he is of his teammates. There’s something inspiring about watching a teenager go above and beyond to encourage their teammates so the entire team can be better.

Baseball Senior Pictures in Nebraska

Owen is an awesome athlete who wanted to include baseball into his senior pictures and I was totally on board and excited. I loved getting to learn more about his baseball journey and the accomplishments he’s made along the way. Owen has played on multiple select teams, the youth programs and now plays for legion baseball. We wanted to incorporate all his years worth of memorabilia to include in his pictures so bats, gloves, jerseys, awards and so much more were so special! I love that he also brought his signed and dated balls he hit home runs with. pretty proud that I’ve been to several of those games 😉

We took his pictures in Wilber at the Legion Baseball Field to celebrate his senior pictures and it was so much fun! These are not just senior portraits; these are moments in time, chronicling the joy and hard work of a young athlete who has given his all to a sport that gives so much back. Nebraska senior pictures like these don’t just tell a story; they celebrate a chapter that paves the way to future successes.

Senior year is more than a milestone. It’s a collection of all the bases you’ve crossed, and all the times you’ve rounded home. It’s the practices, the games, the victories, and even the losses that have crafted a narrative worth capturing.

Thank you, Owen, for allowing us to be a part of your story, for showing us what it means to stand tall on the pitcher’s mound of life, ready for whatever play comes next. Here’s to the innings yet to come and the memories we’ll continue to capture—frame by heartfelt frame.

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