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Hey there, future seniors and proud parents! It’s that time of the year when every high school senior is on the lookout for that perfect photographer. The one to capture their cherished memories into beautiful senior portraits. And guess what? Olivia from Lincoln Southeast High School just had an amazing experience capturing her senior spirit right here in Nebraska—and I’m beyond excited to share her story with you all!

Olivia’s Senior Pictures in Nebraska | Sunflowers and Soccer

On a bright sunny late spring day, we invited Olivia to our little slice of heaven—one of our farms near Wilber, Nebraska. This isn’t just any farm, though—it’s a place where every nook tells a new story, and where every backdrop promises to add that extra cheer to your portraits.

We love using this farm because it offers so many wonderful locations. In one 100 acre area that’s all ours to use to it’s full beauty. From the walnut tree grove to the grain bins, from the river scenery to the open grassy fields, this farm is full of opportunities to capture whatever you’re wanting in your senior pictures! Want something filled with barns, bins and fences? Don’t worry, we’ve got ample locations locally that we use for those things as well!

Our afternoon with Olivia kicked off on our favorite gravel road driveway. We like to meet first at the location and have a little time to chat and get a game plan. That way before we start shooting we can maximize our time together. As well as lay out outfits with what will work with different location ideas. With her adorable family dog by her side, we snapped heartwarming moments that captured the genuine joy of her and the dog loving on each other. We also love to start off by getting those awkward poses out of the way to help you loosen up and not feel so weird.

Lincoln Southeast Soccer Senior Pictures

Next up, Olivia grabbed her soccer ball and got right into her element. There’s something so empowering about including your passions into your senior pictures. Your entire childhood more than likely revolved around those hobbies and sports, so we love including what makes you unique. For Olivia, it was easy to see that soccer wasn’t just a hobby—it was a passion that had shaped her high school years. Her energy and drive came through in every action shot—pure magic!

We wanted to incorporate her soccer love into her senior portraits in a special way. So we kept it simple with jeans and her jersey and incorporated a soccer ball. There are so many fun ways to include sports into your senior pictures without having to be on the soccer field. I think Olivia did an awesome job portraying that by sprinkling her personality into the pictures for soccer!

Nebraska Senior Pictures near the River

Changing gears, we adventured down to the riverbank on our property. This is where Olivia braved the murky Nebraska Big Blue river and waded out to get the most stunning images. I am constantly getting requests for water or river senior pictures and it warms my heart that my seniors want to include these into their portraits. I always like to warn my seniors that it’s sometimes a hike to get through the tall grass and muddy bank, but it’s so worth the end result of the pictures!

Nebraska can be tough sometimes with the terrain but if you are willing to brave the hard things, you can truly get some pretty epic senior pictures in the rivers or ponds! The bonus is, you’ll burn a few calories on the way 😉

Whether it’s your love for sports, pets, or just the free-spirited vibe of the outdoors—we want to make your Nebraska Senior Pictures as unique as you are. We adore incorporating personal touches like we did with Olivia’s soccer love or her bond with her dog.

Can’t wait to craft your very own unforgettable senior portrait experience? Trust us—your senior year is worth celebrating in style, and we’d be thrilled to be a part of your story. Remember, every snapshot is a page turned in the book of your life, and we’re here to help you illustrate it beautifully! We’d love to capture your senior year for you!

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