Alli | Dorchester High School | Nebraska Senior Photographer

Alli | Dorchester High School Nebraska Senior Portraits

My favorite part of Alli’s senior photo session was the massive amounts of laughing we had throughout the entire sesh. I was super excited to start planning Alli’s senior pictures with her, and I was happy to hear she wanted all things farm related but not over the top.

Meet Alli

Alli is a high school senior that attends Dorchester High School here in southeast Nebraska. Alli is super active with sports including high school volleyball and basketball. When she’s not busy playing games or at practice, she likes the listen to music, go cruising, and to read. I asked her what’s one word that describes your personality and her response was: “Passionate. If it’s something I love. I will for sure give my all.” I mean, if that doesn’t sum her up, I don’t know what does! She was so passionate about knowing what she did or didn’t want and I could tell that she fully dedicates herself to something she’s proud of and works hard to make it perfect!!

When planning for Alli’s portrait session, we planned some subtle ways to trickle in fun barns for photos along with a few grain bins and other farm inspo. I mean, after all, we are from Nebraska so of course you’ve gotta include your roots! During Alli’s photo session, we went to a few locations around the Wilber, Nebraska area to take pictures that went with the laid back vibe she had planned. We actually planned ahead and choose some cute outfits including a fun off the should striped top paired with jeans and fun sandals. The stripes looked stunning on her and was the pop the whole outfit needed for her senior pictures!


Something fun we’ve started is some inspo for what to wear to your senior portrait sessions! Senior pictures are an investment and we want you dressed to look stylish and timeless! Here’s some Amazon links for outfit inspo to get you inspired for your own senior sesh!

*Some of the links provided above do include referral links which means I receive a tiny portion of credit for those who purchase using the links provided.

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