Alexa | Milford High School | Nebraska Senior Photographer

Alexa | Milford High School Nebraska Senior Portraits

Meet our dear friend, style ICON and part of our senior rep crew Alexa. She’s the best, and she is an absolute trooper with trusting my crazy poses and ideas.

Alexa attends Milford High School and will be graduating here soon with her senior class! When I asked her what her hobbies were, she told me FCCLA, FCA, being with her pets, being with family and friends, art club, working with my work kids. Basically, she’s so busy having fun, I can’t keep up with her!

I loved working with Alexa because we really took the time to get to planning and styling. One of the biggest suggestions I recommend to my high school seniors is to sit down and really think about outfits that fit well and will look beautiful with the locations you’ve chosen. For example, the first location we went with was by a beautiful red barn located near Wilber, Nebraska. The barn really had so much color already that we went with her white dress and a jean jacket. Timeless. Classic.

After that, our second location we went with a more colorful outfit and included that fun pop of sunflowers on her shirt with a pair of distressed denim (which I happen to have the same pair myself and LOVE them!) 😉 I loved the more relaxed look that we could quickly swap out the jacket and mix it up a bit. The jeans also allowed us to switch it up and do some sitting poses that the dress didn’t really give us.

Water Senior Pictures Were A Must!

And our final location, my favorite, the water! I love Nebraska rivers and ponds because it reminds me so much growing up all the time I spent down playing at the lakes with friends and camping trips with my family. I’m so grateful to have access to do sessions like this with water because I quite often get specific requests for these types of locations. I loved that Alexa was up for the idea to venture down there and give that location a chance. Hands down, this was probably my favorite part of her session.

Overall, her entire session was beautiful and I had a great evening spent with her and her mom. The hardest part was of course choosing what to order, but I know, we’ll find some great products to display showing off her gorgeous images from her session!!


Something fun we’ve started is some inspo for what to wear to your senior portrait sessions! Senior pictures are an investment and we want you dressed to look stylish and timeless! Here’s some Amazon links for outfit inspo to get you inspired for your own senior sesh!

*Some of the links provided above do include referral links which means I receive a tiny portion of credit for those who purchase using the links provided.

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