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Softball Senior Pictures in Nebraska

It’s time to start thinking about booking your senior photo session so I thought I’d do a fun throwback of Bree’s senior pictures from this past fall! As a photographer in Nebraska, there are so many wonderful things I get to do, but my favorite part of my job is sitting down with me seniors to view their pictures after I’m done editing for them.

Bree is a senior at Wilber-Clatonia High School here in southeast Nebraska. For her senior pictures we really took the time to plan out ahead of time locations and outfits. I truly think it paid off because look how beautiful her images turned out! We choose the upgraded deluxe session package which included two dates and she choose the summer and fall so we could squeeze in all the fun ideas she had in mind.

For her fall pictures, Bree wanted to incorporate sports. So we kicked it off by heading over to the tennis courts so we could snap some fun shots of her doing what she loves! After that, we stopped by the softball field. I love that she wanted to include her bat and a softball. I do my best to remind my seniors to bring props because we of course want to include not just the landscape but also some fun items into your sessions.

Then we headed over to a beautiful location filled with trees and sunshine. I don’t normally shoot in that area but once we found that tall brown grass, I knew we were going to be successful! The way the sun was shining on her made Bree look stunning and just glow! But the best part?

The best part was that she really wanted to include pictures of her in a pond. By luck, the pond just happened to be there and we changed our plans last minute and choose to go jump in the pond instead. I literally don’t regret one part of that decision because the images turned out beautiful!!!

Bree you’re a wonderful girl, on the inside and out. I cannot wait to watch you continue to grow and become a better person. I’m so grateful you trusted me to take your senior pictures. It was such an honor!!

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