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senior pictures of girls taken with classic red vintage truck for 4th of july with grass and tall tree. senior girls sitting in red truck with fireworks. photo of girls wearing patriotic outfits taken near hebron, nebraska. group senior picture of girls laughing and talking to each other while wearing outfits for 4th of july. senior picture taken at sunset during the summer in nebraska. photos hold american flag for senior portraits. pictures taken by dirt road photography, lincoln nebraska best senior photographer.

It’s almost the 4th of July! That means let’s celebrate with all things red, white and blue even during our senior pictures! The senior rep team choose to go with a patriotic theme for their senior pictures we took for their summer sesh. I love this because I’ve wanted to do this for years. And finally, they loved the theme and blew it out of the water!

Since some of the girls are from Hebron, Nebraska we choose to head their way for their patriotic senior pictures. The girls brought a pile of patriotic props and of course, the cutest outfits to fit our 4th of July themed senior portraits. I love that we did a mix and match style of red, white and blue outfits along with the perfect blue wall, red truck and even fireworks!

Blue Wall for Patriotic Senior Pictures

We started out right in downtown Hebron for the perfect blue wall background for the senior pictures! It’s so wonderful that my seniors and parents took the time to help me scout out such great spots. I do my best to ensure we have ample even lighting for our sessions and sometimes going in “blind” can scare me! Thankfully, they did a wonderful job sending me pictures ahead of time and offering tons of suggestions of local spots! The blue wall was perfect for the senior’s to get patriotic pictures with. We decided on a red theme for shirts and jean shorts. I love that the girls had all of the cutest patriotic accessories to jazz up our pictures! They sunglasses, scarf, and pinwheels were right on theme!

Senior Pictures with Vintage Red Truck

We also brought out a vintage red truck for the senior pictures as well. Shout out to the Cooper family for allowing us to use their truck. It truly was the perfect touch of red for our session. I appreciate you guys allowing us to borrowing it. The classic red truck went perfectly with the senior reps! We wanted something cute and the truck, along with an Americana blanket was the perfect match. The girls all took pictures as a group with the red, white and blue accessories then we shot some individual shots. I do my best to ensure each girl gets a handful of pictures of both group shots and just of them to share.

Fun fact, did you know that Hebron, Nebraska holds the record for the “Worlds Largest Covered Porch Swing“? Nope? Well, now you do! 😉

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