Senior Flower Pictures | Nebraska Senior Photographer

Senior Flower Pictures | Senior Rep Team | Nebraska Senior Photographer

It’s finally starting to feel like spring and quickly turning into summer!! Congratulations to all of the Class of 2019 seniors that we just finished up shooting, you were an amazing class to get to know and I am so happy to see such great young adults entering the scary world ahead of you. Keep me updated, I like watching what my DRP seniors are up to!

With the end of a school year means it’s time to start thinking about the next crew of seniors. To me, that’s the most exciting part! Getting inquiries asking about pricing and info on senior sessions as well as meeting and getting to know the teens that are part of Class of 2020! Everyone knows I love my seniors, but what I love the most is the connections and friendships I make with not only them but their parents and families. It’s always a joy meeting newbies and learning their stories. Those stories have been kicked off by launching our new Senior Rep Program and my girls are the best. Ever. I can’t wait to meet more high school seniors from all over Nebraska!

We hosted our spring senior rep sesh night this past weekend and the girls and me froze our booties off but I’m thinking the girls could all agree it was totally worth it judging by these beautiful pictures! They look totally warm and happy, but in reality, the wind was blowing about 20 mph and the temps were about 50ish. Nebraska weather can be fun like that, it was in the 90’s a few days earlier and we had our heaters on the following week. Spring truly is a magical time of blooming flowers, allergies and tornadoes, but Nebraska always has it’s way of working magic into the mess. We choose a location around Wilber and Swanton, Nebraska area because I had the perfect spot filled with everything spring including flowers, barns, tall grass, a cute little pond (with my ducks I’ve named Bert and Ernie!) as well as the perfect sunset. The girls of course talked to the cows and goats while out on the farm that evening so I guess you could say it was perfect for everyone!

Our first location was a tiny hike but once we got down there, the girls loved the soft subtle look of the purple wildflowers that were growing near the pond. We zipped down there and each girl had the opportunity to pose and have fun while being photographed. What I love is that I literally sent off a short message and gave the girls full style options. I offered a direction and said bring what you want and it always works out the girls match so well without even planning on it. I like to make sure they can feel comfortable and expressive in their own outfits but as a whole, they all look great together.

What I love the most about my rep team is that the girls, while not getting their picture taken and are waiting, have small talk but make sure to include each other. While shooting I could hear them saying words of encouragement to the person getting theirs taken and it warms my heart. It’s tough being a teen, there’s so much judgement and to take the time to find women who lift each other up is extremely important to me. These girls will eventually be our community leaders! But, I think my favorite part of the day was watching them laugh and get to know each other! My whole intention of having a rep team is to find ways to bridge schools and bring girls together to empower and encourage each other.

Our next location was up on the yard. We choose an open area with these cute little white wildflowers growing and the perfect faded white painted barn. My favorite was the light leaking into the images but of course, no one besides a photographer truly notices those details. A couple of the girls did a quick wardrobe change and there was a sneak attack scare shenanigan going on behind the scenes then we were ready for more laughter, jokes and of course, pictures! Those Nebraska sunsets and my senior teens I just can’t brag about enough. I love the midwest!

And our final stop for the senior rep team girls was at the pond. We hiked around the back side and froze as the sun was almost down but the girls toughed it out and smiled like it was the best day ever! Between the crisp spring sunset and the beautiful fresh grass growing, the girls looked stunning. I swear i have the best of the best from local high schools and I am forever grateful for these girls who are willing to laugh at my bad dad jokes.

Get ready to see more of these girls throughout the year. If you’re interested in booking your own senior session contact one of them to get a referral of $100 off of your own senior session. Also, if you book before the end of May 2019, you can get an additional $50 off your session fee making for a super great deal on any senior session! 😉

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