Shelby | Wilber-Clatonia High School | Clatonia Nebraska Portrait Photographer

Shelby Timmerman of Clatonia, Nebraska

I think one of my favorite things about senior photo sessions is getting to brag and share all of the beautiful images we create. And Shelby’s session is a prime example of how beautiful my seniors are and how much fun we have during a session. I don’t want this to be an awkward few hours of smiles, I want this to be an experience that you’ll remember as fun and memorable! Shelby, I think the time we spent together was filled with the perfect balance of laughter and gave us results of images you’ll forever cherish!

Shelby is part of the Class of 2020 at Wilber-Clatonia High School located in Wilber, Nebraska. She’s such a sweetheart and is also one of our Senior Reps! I love that she’s always smiling and filled with joy.

Shelby is active in cheerleading, show choir and track for school activities and she also shows horses for fun. She’s also on a competition cheer team (Cheer Xpress!). I’m telling you, she’s a busy girl!! I love asking me seniors what is one thing people wouldn’t know about you and she responded “I love my cats!”

For Shelby’s pictures we wanted to mix it up, do something fun and still include her favorite things. So we started out with a fun summer sesh that included her cute horse. Let me tell you, he was a handful but oh so much fun to get lots of head scratches too! I’ve worked with plenty of horses and it truly is an art so if you’re ever wanting to book a senior session, make sure the photographer is comfortable with livestock because knowledge is key for safety and creating beautiful images. A piece of advice I like to give if you’re considering adding livestock (horses, cattle, etc) into your session is let’s start off with them. That way the most stressful part of the session is done first and then if dad’s come they can load up the animals and get them back home while we soak up the rest of the fun. Also, running some energy off of them first always helps them give us more attention 😉

After we finished up all the horse play (hehe) we took off for another farm where we did more senior pictures and changed up outfits. It’s so much fun learning more about the teens and watching their personality come to life during their sessions. I like giving some posed guidance but then asking them to help get creative, it helps show what they want included in their sessions. Shelby is simply stunning and we captured the most beautiful images of her. I honestly get so blown away with the final images and pulling together some highlights for blog posts always make me so happy!

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