Tasha | Wilber-Clatonia High School Nebraska Senior Portraits

One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to know each senior on a personal level. Doing senior pictures isn’t just a job, it’s something I have a passion for! To me, your senior year is already chaotic and overwhelming enough. My job is to come in and be your friend. To help encourage you to be excited for the upcoming season changes in life. I love being to be my seniors’ personal hype team. I get to remind them they’re going to be beautiful and do amazing things in the future years to come.

And in that process, I quite often meet so many gems of clients. One of those hidden diamonds was my dear friend (and even neighbor!) Tasha. In her own words, I’ll let her tell you how her session and experience went:

Tasha’s Experience (In Her Own Words)

There are not many things in this world today that everyone will understand, such as language, dialect, and culture. With that being said there is one thing that that doesn’t matter what language you speak, or where you are from, one thing that unites us and one thing that is universal. That one thing is photography. Photography is one of the greatest forms of art in today’s world. It not only brings us together, but it tells a story, and allows us to see the world through someone else’s perspective. 

During my junior year of highschool, I started to hear people talk about getting a photographer to take senior pictures, it just never really crossed my mind that I would need to start looking for photographers to do mine. One day one of my friends was talking about Kelsey, and her Dirt Road Photography business. I had heard about her and her business before, but I never really thought about having my high school senior pictures taken by her, or anyone really. I went to her website and all of the pictures that I saw were stunning. Everyone had such a unique and individual style that they all stood out. In a way it was eye opening, it occurred to me that I had to start to look for someone to take my senior pictures. I didn’t have to look long and hard to find someone to take my pictures, because I knew right away that I wanted Kelsey to take my photos. There is just something about her style, and photos that are magical, they capture something that I hadn’t seen before.

I am currently a part of the Dirt Road Photography Senior Rep team. I couldn’t be more happy that I am a part of her team, it is so much fun working with some of the nicest, most inspiring girls. I would recommend everyone to apply to be a part of her team, not only do you get some perks, you get to work together with girls from different schools to create some pretty fun group shots, as well as beautiful individual shots. When the day came that I had to take my banner poster pictures, I was scared. It was my first time going on my own without the other girls on the rep team with me. I was pretty much worried for nothing, as always her pictures turned out amazing. I would highly recommend choosing Kelsey for any kind of photo session… you will get amazing quality pictures, and won’t regret it!

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