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You just finished up your photography session and purchased some pretty framed prints or maybe some canvases. Now what?! Now that you’ve got them home you’re stumped how to display them. Maybe you and your photographer have created a visualized set-up but you’re not sure where to display that canvas collection at. Take some time to check out these creative options to give you some inspiration on where to place those photos on your wall! We added some fun farmhouse style contemporary ways to display your photos as well as links to purchase the items to get you started.


One of the best recommendations we can make for printing your photos is to use Mpix for all your printing needs. We encourage our clients to use this lab because it is a sister company of the lab we use when we print your professional pictures. So, to get $10 off your first purchase click the link below and start shopping once you’ve checked out some of these unique ideas below!

Unique Ways To Display Family Photos In Your Home

(Including Links to Items from Amazon!)

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Stacked Frame Picture Ledge

We totally love the look of these mixed frames! And they’re perfect to easily update when you get new prints in.

Source credit: shorturl.at/finY9

Wood Trimmed Hanging Portrait Display

I’ve been obsessed with these and as a photographer, I love finding ways to make your products upgradeable so you’re not stuck with one print forever and can re-use your products. This frame it the ticket! Simply order the loose canvas, and use the frame again and again.

source credit: shorturl.at/iHLNQ

Entryway Framed Gallery Wall

I LOOOVE the crisp clean look of a simple gallery wall.

source credit: shorturl.at/cHKQ2

Honeycomb Photo Wraps

These unique canvas wraps are so fun to create each year and watch your family grow!

source credit: shorturl.at/bFNQV

Clothes Pin Clips

These are cute for any teen that wants to display all those fun phone photos!

source credit: https://amzn.to/3fGzpbI

Wood Float Mount Framed Prints

These frames are totally unique and I love how the images really pop! We’ve added a lighter example but feel free to stain the frames to darken them up as you’d like.

source credit: shorturl.at/IOW25

Ladder Photo Frames

I actually have one of these in my house and it’s the perfect touch to fill a corner of the room!

source credit: shorturl.at/bikW1

Large Canvas Wall

These are beautiful and can be printed through any local print lab! We recommend MPix as mentioned above.

source credit: shorturl.at/eiqY2

Display Vintage Images In Shadow Box

These are so much fun to find a way to create something out of older photographs!

source credit: shorturl.at/hOSV5

Photos Printed On Wood

While these are custom ordered items, they are fun to mix and match to add depth and texture to any portrait wall display.

source credit: shorturl.at/defjp

Large Engineer Black & White Images

These are so popular right now! And we love the simplicity of how big of a statement these prints can make!

source credit: shorturl.at/afgn8

Hanging Photo Frames on Hooks

These are super simple to swap out and update with your latest kids’ pictures. Simple add some twine to the back of a regular frame and you’ve got a unique diy that makes a statement on your wall!

source credit: shorturl.at/jMNXY

Window Frame Clip Style Display

These are so simple and yet, so fun to use up all those cell phone pictures!

source credit: shorturl.at/dJKMY

Float Mount Frames

There’s something about making a statement with these simplistic frames that go great for a modern twist on your family portraits!

source credit: shorturl.at/ainru

School Photo Display Board

These are always so cute! And everyone needs a way to display all those embarrassing middle school pictures 😉

source credit: shorturl.at/dAIRY

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    Wow! Stunning ideas, thank you!

  2. Susan Pratt says:

    These are all so helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Melissa says:

    I love the wood, shadow frame look, it basically looks like just a brown box or serving tray, almost and then putting the pictures inside. However, the link to the Amazon one they look so much more lighter but not like a real wood your picture looks like a darker stain and it as manufactured. Did you oh darken yours ? Thx

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