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Thayer Central High School Senior Pictures

When asked what’s the number one thing you should do to get ready for your senior sesh my answer is always the same. Relax, binge a few episodes of your favorite tv show and chug water. The rest will fall into place! Nebraska will always throw us a curveball with weather, or landscape or bugs while shooting pictures, but we can do our best to walk in with fun attitudes and that alone will make any senior session a success! I was so happy to meet Takaylynn, she was such a go with the flow kinda gal. She made me want to meet more girls and take Hebron senior pictures for the entire Class of 2022!

Meet Takaylynn…

Takaylynn is a senior that is attending Thayer Central High School located in Hebron, Nebraska. For her high school senior pictures she wanted flowers, barns and gravel roads. Which of course was exactly what I love shooting! We choose to take senior pics with wild sunflowers a few hours before sunset. I love that she choose a subtle white dress that gave off such a fun boho vibe.

I love that Takaylynn took time to really think through outfits based upon what she was wanting for the end result. We went with a light and airy senior pictures theme. It truly made all her outfits pop that much more. Takaylynn came ready for her sesh with all her clothes lined up and was up for whatever. She really didn’t have any specifics in mind just kind of went with the flow. Those sessions always turn out to be my favorite because there’s no pressure to nail those special shots. Instead we just work with what’s around us and chase that sunlight until it’s gone. It’s been fun meeting high schoolers from Hebron for senior pictures, I hope to meet so many more in the following years!

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    Great pictures!!

  2. […] This session was beautiful. Tia is stunning, and I am so grateful that I am living a life fulfilled with doing what I love everyday. Check out another recent senior sesh similar to Tia’s here. […]

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