Top Places For Senior Pictures In Lincoln, Nebraska

Locations for Senior Pictures in Lincoln, Nebraska

If you’re an upcoming senior and are looking for places to take your senior pictures in Lincoln, Nebraska, we’ve got a TON of inspo for you! Senior pictures are a fun time and we want to give you some examples of locations we’ve used in the past. This way you can spend less time stressing about scouting spots. And more time focusing on finding those perfect outfits and accessories!

Clean White Buildings near south Lincoln, Nebraska

Katie found this building for us near the Normal Boulevard and South Street area. I absolutely LOVED how simplistic and fun it was. It gave her outfit the perfect pop of color we needed. Bonus, there’s a Dairy Queen located close so her dad ran and grabbed us some ice cream to snack on!

Senior Portraits at Sunken Gardens | Lincoln, Nebraska

Sunken Gardens is always a beautiful location to shoot at! I’ve shot a few senior sessions here before. I’m so glad that Ellie wanted to pop in before heading to another spot in town. Depending on the time of year that you go, it is usually filled with flowers! Senior pictures at Sunken Garden are always a guaranteed safe spot to get beautiful flower shots. It’s almost always filled with fresh greenery. There’s even a cute little pond, but you’ll always see if filled with people enjoying the location.

Senior Pictures at Holmes Lake | Lincoln, Nebraska

Of course Holmes Lake is a fun spot to shoot senior pictures! I love that Katie wanted to pop in, there is so much of the park to explore. We’ve shot several senior sessions at Pioneers Park through the years. I never get tired of how many beautiful little spots you can shoot at!

Senior Pics at University of Nebraska | UNL Lincoln Campus

Of course a hugely popular place to take senior pictures in Lincoln, NE is the UNL campus. The University of Nebraska Lincoln campus has a TON of cute little nooks to take your senior pictures at. It gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of all their unique architecture as well as their beautiful greenery around campus. I love getting to walk the campus and see all the fun activities they have for their students, and we always can snag some shots in front of the Husker football stadium!

Senior Pictures near Downtown Haymarket | Lincoln, Nebraska

Last but certainly no least, one of our more popular locations to shoot senior pictures in Lincoln, Nebraska is of course the downtown Haymarket Park area. We’ve taken a handful of senior pictures in the area throughout the years and love to find new little hidden gems. It’s always a challenge to let seniors stand out from the rest, so we’re trying to find spots that aren’t used as often.

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