Lincoln Southwest High School | Wagon Train Lake | Nebraska Senior Photographer | Zach

Meet Zach, a high school senior that is graduating from Lincoln Southwest High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. We did his senior pictures at some of his favorite places that were a part of his past and you’re in for some great pictures!

Lincoln Southwest High School Senior Portraits

The first location we went to with Zach for his senior pictures was at Lincoln Southwest High school. This was because he of course is finishing up high school there and we wanted to snag a few pictures out front. I have shot here before and I love how much fun it is at their high school. Lincoln Southwest High School in is such a fantastic school and I love learning about all of the cool classes they offer. Our small town communities don’t offer near as many classes and learning about those differences always sparks joy. That means there’s always a place to fit in at their school because you can always find something that interests you.

We shot outside of the high school in the iconic front area with the hawks school mascot as well as other areas. I love that they’ve created a space for the teens to hang out up front during breaks. This gave us a few spots hidden in the shade to go snag some photos.

Cavett Elementary School Senior Pictures

The next stop on our shooting destinations was where he attended elementary school! I love that he choose places that were all sentimental and had meaning. Plus, the locations that he choose combined with the outfits were completely on point! I mean look at the blue jungle gym for senior pictures, who would have thought that the combo could look so cool!?

Wagon Train Lake for Senior Pictures near Lincoln, Nebraska

We ended our senior portraits at Wagon Train Lake just south of Lincoln. Honestly, I couldn’t have thought of a better location, it was perfect. If you understood the amount of effort it took for us to create these images you’d truly be so thankful. Senior pictures with a keyboard is so much fun. But adding in the element of standing in water puts it over the top. I loved his idea of standing in the water for his senior pictures.

The only issue we ran into is that they started draining the lake to clean it so we had to hike way out into the middle. We walked through literally knee deep mud. After we careful got through the mud and into the water area we quickly snapped while we kept trying to stay moving because we were sinking in the mud. We were both so worried that we were going to fall and ruin our gear.

Once back on the dry area we also grabbed his saxophone for more senior pictures near the water. His personality truly shines as an arts kid when he’s in his element. It was such a joy learning about all of his musical talents. Zach, I could easily do five more senior sessions with you!

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