Trent | Milford High School Nebraska Senior Portraits

Class of 2020, your senior year is officially halfway over. This year has been less than traditional, but don’t let that rob you of all your high school memories! I promise we can maximize those “lasts” and soak up all the good things. Take your best friends out for a cruise night, play those senior pranks on your parents, stay up all night doing movie marathons with your team mates. You seriously have less than TWENTY weekends left until you graduate. Do all the things. Make all the memories.

Trent is a senior at Milford High School which is located just southwest of Lincoln, Nebraska. For his senior portraits we choose two dates so we could really high light all the fun things about him. We love offering the option to upgrade a regular senior session to a deluxe session. It gives us the option to get two seasons in for senior pictures! It’s just a nice way to mix up styles and even get two completely different locations in. For example, a lot of our senior guys like to focus solely on sports for one sesh. That’s super important to them so of course we’d love to give them what they want! Then, the second sesh we do just fun casual outfits or locations to make momma happy. 😉

The first location and date was late summer and we did a more country scenic option. It included tall grass, bean fields, gravel roads, tin bins and old rustic wood barns. I love that we wanted to use similar locations to his sister’s senior portraits from a few years prior. But it gave Trent his totally own and unique locations to ensure he had beautiful locations as well.

Our second date for his senior pictures was in late October. This time we choose to take the pictures in his hometown of Milford, Nebraska. It’s always exciting to travel and get to visit small towns in our area to capture new locations!!

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