Winter Outfits for Senior Pictures 2022

winter senior picture outfit ideas with links to amazon to purchase clothes

It’s winter and you’ve dreamed of having winter or snow senior pictures. Let’s opt for something fun to make your winter senior pictures pop! First of all, congrats, you’re creating some pretty unique pictures going the route of winter pictures. Secondly, let’s get planning and find a style that fits you perfectly! I cannot wait to help you pick out winter outfits for your senior pictures!

We love shooting senior snow pictures and cannot wait to get those pictures scheduled. You’re needing help with some ideas and we’re here to guide you on what photographs fantastic in winter.

Snow Outfit Tips for Senior Girls

There are so many options when it comes to outfits so we thought we’d break it down for you. Let’s start by giving you some tips and then we’ll attach some inspo of our favorite Amazon winter outfits to give you a visual.

Coats/Jackets/Hoodies – These are the layer’s well be seeing during your session. We want these layers to keep you warm but also be stylish. I’d recommend finding a cute coat that is more fitted. From there you can choose pants that will coordinate well with your top. This is the one piece if you’re purchasing that you can invest a little more in. A coat and the right accessories pulls the entire look together when you’re in the snow!

Bottom Layers – Alright, you’ve got your cute coat or hoodie, now let’s put something underneath to keep you warm! This is the best way to ensure we’re not suffering and your core stays warm. I’d recommend cold gear for shirts or leggings under your jeans. Trust me, they don’t add a lot of bulk but make a huge difference! Don’t forget to add double layers of socks and you can even slip in toe warmers.

Boots & Accessories – This is the fun part! When doing winter or snow senior pictures you get to bundle up and pile on all those accessories. This is the part that really makes your entire outfit pop. Consider a fun hat, a scarf, some cute mittens and of course, some chunky boots. Make sure if we’re shooting in the snow that your boots are waterproof or you’re ok with your shoes getting wet! Sometimes you don’t think about it beforehand and those pretty Uggs that haven’t been treated might get stained. And as a bonus of all these accessories, they keep you extra warm!

Amazon Winter Outfits for Senior Pictures

We’ve made it even easier to find the cutest outfits for your senior winter pictures. Click on any of the links below and find them on Amazon!

*Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links, which means I do get a small commission if you purchase from that link (with no added cost to you!)

View More of Our Amazon Winter Outfits

Check out our entire Amazon Winter Outfits inspo list here. Not booking a sesh but still wanting to get some cute winter gear? There’s plenty to choose from on there!

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